Dave Gage

Founder and CTO

Dave has over five years of professional engineering experience. In his bachelor studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee he focused on controls and mechatronics. After working in Germany, he moved to Switzerland where he studied biomedical engineering at ETH Zürich specializing in biomechanics and medical device design. He initiated the development of the REALITI project during his master thesis, and he received the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship for the project. In his free time he likes to get lost in the mountains.

Philippe Ganz

Co-founder and CEO

Philippe joined the team at the beginning of 2020. After his graduation in biomedical engineering at ETH Zürich, he worked in regulatory compliance for medical devices. He grew up in Austria and gained working experience from several medical companies, such as the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology. In his bachelor studies in technical physics at TU Wien he focused on innovation and communication. He loves to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also teaches it at ASVZ.

Peter Biro

Co-founder and Head of Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Peter Biro initiated the REALITI project by formulating the demand and principle for a robotic assisted intubation device that has the ability to recognize anatomical features of the upper airway and can steer the tracheal tube into its correct position. He is a Professor at the University Hospital Zürich (USZ), where he mainly works as a clinically active anesthesiologist. As an internationally known expert for difficult airway management, he brings valuable expertise to the project.