Why intuBot?


Tracheal intubation [TI] is the process in wich the clinician inserts an elastic tube via the mouth into the patients windpipe to assure the lungs ventilation.

This seems like an easy procedure, but human anatomy is designed in a way that nothing solid should enter the respiratiory system. Which makes complete sense in an evolutionary point of view, but it also makes TI difficult.

How does it work?


intuBot is an all-in-one solution for tracheal intubation.

It gets placed the same way as the state-of-the-art (video) laryngoscopes. As soon as it is placed the operator pushes the "automation button" and the magic happens.
intuBots endoscope now follows the anatomical features, maneuvering into the patient's windpipe.
When the position is reached, the tube gets stripped off and the device removed. It is that simple.